Friday, September 12, 2008

Bragging Rights

It's 2008 and my baby's turning 3. What have I done?! Good Lord, I neglected this blog and posted away at my Friendster blog. I'm 3 years delayed. Whadafark! Okay... Okay... I know what you're thinking. So we don't have another baby yet. Don't talk to my father in law please. He wants us to dance at Obando to ask for... wait for it... ANOTHER baby.

So what happened to me these last few years or rather, what happened to Zoie...

1. Zoie is now a certified pre-schooler. Next year, she'll be in Kindergarten. Now she's in Nursery.
2. Hallelujah for potty training and thank you, Calet (her ate). Although education came first in her life, Zoie is now diaper-free during the day. At night, I'm still kinda scared.
3. Zoie can now write her name Z-O-I-E without anything to copy from. FARRALES - just starting. what a long family name naman kasi. Needs help with the Rs and S. Am I pressuring my child?
4. She answers basic information questions like:
What's your name? Zoie Farrales
Where do you live? Gaguig City (wishing that people will get that as Taguig)
Who is your Mama?
Who is your Tatay?
4. Ask her anything and you'll get coy replies that starts with "Kaassseee...."
5. She now has a boyfriend. Actually, 2 boyfriends. Too early, ask the kid who calls her at home and another kid who when asked who his gf is says the name Zoie and gives her flowers.
6. She memorized the whole A is for Adorable song and when she was still 1 year old can sing Bahay Kubo. I have videos as proof. Hahaha!
7. She can count up to 100
8. She can solve minor puzzles
9. Won't leave me to dust when asked if she knows some Nursery Rhymes. By the way, she knows a lot. I have recordings as proof. :-P
10. She knows the weather and the days of the week
11. Walked when she turned 11 months

That's it for now. I can't post everything. Plus I'll let you in on a lil secret, I don't remember everything.
I cannot ask for more. Zoie surprises us every single day.

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