Wednesday, September 17, 2008

torn between two lovers

i discovered last night that Zoie likes Mamat more than Drei. she told me so. Calet said that Drei would become really pissed off at Zoie and like what kids do, to show frustration, he attempts to hurt Zoie. Away... Bati... Away... Bati. but my baby girl is not the type who succumbs to such treatments. did i mention that i once caught her sneering at some kid on our way up to our unit and the kid was just there innocently playing with her toys? when i reprimanded her, she acted as if she did no such thing and that i was over-reacting.

this is the normal end of school scenario for Zoie:

she notices that Mamat's still at school so she goes back and makes sure that they are holding each other's hands all the way to the gate. she doesn't care that Drei had left. but when they reach the gate, Drei is there waiting. so the three of them go hand in hand with Zoie at the center all the way to the end of the street where they will separate and go home. on the way, the 2 boys will pick flowers for the little lady who is sometimes very demanding.

but there was a glitch yesterday. Zoie got thirsty, asked for a drink, let go of Drei's hand (coz she likes Mamat more, remember) and drank. Drei got irritated, tried to kick Zoie but his ate caught him and he got really angry.

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