Monday, September 29, 2008

UPDiliman Shopping Center

i have many memories of UP and now i am sharing it with my family. after an enjoyable isaw "dinner" (wrote about it in my other blog), we walked along nostalgia lane otherwise known as SC or Shopping Center just beside Infirmatay, errr, Infirmary. i saw all the stalls where i used to have whole books photocopied (bad!). G Miranda bookstore, where i nearly puked, because an Indian guy entered the store, was having a paint job. Maroons was closed, much to our chagrin, because I really want to shop for shirts or jackets. Sarabia and Acebedo Opticals are still there. Some of the shops are new. There's a fairly modern internet shop too.

and who can forget Rodic's with its tapsilog whose tapa looked like someone chewed it for you first to help your digestive system probably? i once shared a meal with a special someone (not hubby lol!) there while it was raining hard. i skipped a class for that lunch.

i hope she gets to study there also.

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theworkingmom said...

Since I'm not from UP, I got to see the shopping center and taste Rodic's tapsilog only when my then boyfriend (now hubby) took me there. He practically grew up in UP kasi (even taught for 1 year before going to med). :)

Glad I found your blog, Thea!

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