Tuesday, January 24, 2006


i've been drinking more than my share of kapeng barako lately feeling all jittery and looking wild-eyed. i can't imagine when was it that i was able to sleep through the night. ever since i became a mom, sleep was not an option. sleep became a luxury. here i am slaving my a*s off preparing for our client's preview tomorrow... missing my baby like hell and feeling dizzy everytime i pick something off the floor. so why am i still in the office and writing this blog entry? the day i got back from my maternity leave, the boss has lined up two projects for me. enough to steal time away from my beautiful baby till march. can't blame them. for two months, the senior producer savored all the rest she can get. NOT!!! i've yet to write my birthing kwento here. oh... maybe a day in march would be a nice schedule. i've gotta get back to work and in an hour or so call my husband to pick me up here at the office. thank you technology for cars... thank you nature for brewed coffee and thank you Lord for my baby!!!

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