Monday, September 22, 2008

azi's birthday party

last saturday, zoie got to attend azi's 3rd birthday party which was held at Hotel Rembrandt somewhere in Timog. it was her first time to attend a "full-blown" party. it had everything. there were food carts, inflatables, play area, foto loco picture magnet booth, balloon burst, a pinyata, glitter tattoo and face painting booths. the food was great. the entertainment was fantastic. there was even a raffle for the kids and adults. great party, kiten!

i was worried that we were late because of the traffic in Ortigas and C5 but was glad when i saw that the party was just starting when we arrived. there were Thomas the Train decorations everywhere. kids were running around and even though the only people i knew there were the birthday family, we felt right at home.

zoie was very independent. she sat with the kids in front to play games and enjoy the magic show. she got to take home a lot of toys, a shower of balloons, some cupcakes (thanks again, kiten!), photo magnets (we had extra coupons), a glitter tattoo that is still on her arm up to this moment (nope, no one can touch that tattoo) and a hello kitty on her chubby cheek.

she went to the bouncer but couldn't stand up so she slid out. heavy bottom, i guess, so there's no sense of balance just like her mother. hahaha! she settled inside the playhouse and i got news that she wouldn't even let the birthday boy in. i was able to lure zoie out of the playhouse to eat. she ate her spaghetti, cupcake and surprise! chicken with as much gusto as the other kids. zoie normally eats rice. yep, just rice. kanin lang po.

wanlu, the magician and ventriloquist, really cracked us up. he was very good at his craft but zoie maintained a safe distance. i guess she was afraid of the puppet and the illusions. when the unicyclists came out, she was covering her open mouth with her hands and her eyes were a mirror of OHMYGOODNESS-WHAT-IF-THEY-FALL!

when the giveaways were given out, she lined up, spoke to the microphone and said happy birthday azi but no sound came out. in the car, she was singing, happy birthday azi so loudly that i couldn't believe i was looking at the same demure zoie at the party.

when we arrived home, i was tired but zoie insisted on playing with all the toys she got from the party.

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