Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zoie will soon be THREE

It's barely a month and I have no idea what to do on my daughter's birthday. There's no need for a big celebration but it's her first time to celebrate it at school. What I have accomplished, however, is to decide what to give to her classmates as giveaways. No theme or designs yet in my mind but I do have a vague idea that the theme should be Barney but then, The Backyardigans seems to be a good choice either. I asked Zoie about it and she likes both. What to do... what to do... What to CHOOSE, rather. I'm not so sure if my kid's classmates are familiar with The Backyardigans. Barney is VERY popular. Maybe I'll just take both since it's going to be a small party, anyway. When I said I haven't any plans yet, I meant all these ideas are still jumbled and muddled in my head. For party food menu, spaghetti, fried chicken or nuggets, hotdogs with marshmallow, corn(?) and cake seem to be an okay choice. Do I order pizza? What about ice cream? It's a good thing the mall is right across her school. Where do I get the balloons? the cake? And since the party's going to be a day before her actual birthday, what do we do on her birthday? Do we visit Ocean Park?

Her first birthday... we had it at Congo Grille (very unlikely place to party). It was just an intimate dinner with friends because we went to Davao for her birthday trip. An out of town trip in exchange for a party. For her second birthday, we had a Jollibee party which was really fun. But one can't have a Jollibee party every single year. This year, Zoie's celebrating it as a preschooler and I'm so excited but I don't have a concrete plan yet. PLUS, new projects at work are coming in so I have to plan now because I'm starting to go towards the busy highway. Back to party planning...

I'll definitely have a piƱata for her party. What to put inside? I guess it means I'll have to take another trip to Divisoria, the land of milk and honey for cheap party things although I can't say the same about the smell of the whole place. Hehehe...

Wow, posting this really helps me brainstorm.

Party dress?!!! Oh my, this is the first time I've thought of it? Don't I have plans of buying my child a new dress for her birthday? Bad... bad... I'll keep this in mind.

Party plates... I think I'll just put everything in a styro to make it easy to bring everything to school.

Schedule... I do hope I can have a vacation leave for this from the office or else, I'll just NOT or FORGET to report at work.

Guests... just the children, their yayas, some parents and the school staff.

Well, I guess, that's IT. At least, there's a bit of "organization" that's happened while I'm posting this.

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Robin and Emz said...

wow! you have a cute big baby girl na pala sis=) advance happy birthday to her! my daughters also loooove watching the backyardigans=)