Monday, September 15, 2008

Dieting, isn't it fun?

our boss suggested how we (the employees) can lose weight. we've noticed that people who get hired here do not slim down over the years of stay in the company but become just the opposite. take moi, for example. i am several inches bigger than i was before plus the pregnancy weight that i was never able to lose.

the program is simple. we each have just one cup of rice and then gradually lessen the serving. whenever one requests for another serving, he or she will pay up. the pot money will be used for our future inuman. yahoo for that! for the first week, siksik ang rice sa cup and there will be no fines. today was the first day of the first week. the weeks that will follow di na gaanong siksik ang rice. ngarag!

we went down to the dining area for lunch to find my boss still at his place on the table. i bet he was trying to see how much we will eat. to our surprise, there is now a donation bowl. if you can't finish your cup, put some on the bowl. everyone pretended that a cup is more than they can eat. so we all put half or a quarter of our portion on the bowl. but the ulam was chicken with cream sauce. so, where's the diet in that? plus when my boss left, we were all calling each other on our local lines to come down and eat biko, a kakanin... made of... rice! hahaha. get real!

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