Friday, September 19, 2008

Conversations with Zoie

Last night, Zoie was looking at her Princesses flash cards. She ignored all the other cards - the opposites, simple words, letters and numbers but was looking at all her princess cards. She was naming all of the princesses - Jasmine, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Ariel. To my surprise, she knew the names of most of their prince partners as well.

Mama: What are the names of these princesses?
Zoie: Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Princess Jasmine!
Mama: Galing ah! and princess...
Zoie: Zoie!
Mama: That's King Tatay (pointing at the sleeping Adrian) and I'm Queen Mama
Zoie: King Tatay? (laughs) a yutiful (Beautiful) castle, a yutiful house and a yutiful farm. (while looking around our small room)
(Honestly, I don't know where she gets all these.)
Mama: B. Beeeaaauuuutiful
Zoie: B? B-ful. Ay, mali. (laughs) yutiful na lang? Mama, gusto mo ah pasok yutiful castle?
Mama: Okay. Saan, baby, yung beautiful castle?
Zoie: Ah... wala eh. (inaasar lang yata ako)
Mama: Ngek!
(zoie goes to the window, sees other building)
Zoie: Ayun! Yutiful castle.
Mama: Psst. Gabi na wag ka na sisilip diyan.
Zoie: Ah, yutiful farm na lang. Old matdonald had a farm. On this farm he had a cow and a boo boo bear... everywhere a boo boo ( i think she meant Moo)
Mama: Hay naku, baduday, matulog ka na nga lang.
Zoie: Pinklang dede. (timplang dede)


G said...

katuwa naman baby mo sis! im sure you enjoyed so much the's so good to listen to their reasoning and their small voice...cute zoie!

AEC said...

hi thea, tag for you: