Wednesday, September 24, 2008


well, at least she will be 3 in a few weeks time. her birthday's next month.

last night, Calet was excitedly telling me that Zoie can now read. Her teacher said that Zoie already knows the alphabet and vowel sounds so why not take another step and teach her to read 2 syllable words. i was hesitant because she's still a baby.

when we arrived home last night, there were 4 words written on her blackboard - tasa, kama, pusa and mata and she read them all to me. her voice reduced into a whisper whenever she's not sure. but every word she read to me correctly. i was ecstatic!

when i asked her to read the words again, i got a "'pos na eh." so why should she repeat it? tsk... tsk...

oh and by the way, she can now count up to 100. i should've posted this when she was just 2 and a half.

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