Tuesday, September 16, 2008


oh, there are still a few accidents here and there. but hey, Zoie is now diaper-free during daytime. Thank you, Lord. The first time we tried training her, she used her potty and didn't want to use it anymore. why? because she thinks the potty's dirty and smelly even after we've washed it and no way was her pwet going to touch it again. i remember the day i bought the potty chair. it looked like the real thing and there's a button that plays the song Lambada when pushed. Zoie ended up pushing the button until it stopped playing entirely. months passed by. Zoie would tell us "wiwi" after she's made wiwi. and then the pressure... the teacher told us that Zoie should be diaper-free before she turns 3. everyone in her class do not wear diapers anymore. the first time she went to school without diapers, she peed at the playground. but now, she tells us whenever she had to go and even made the effort to knock like crazy while i was still inside the bathroom because she had to pee. she still uses diaper at night though. scary! the poo poo... naku, that's another story.

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