Monday, September 15, 2008

foot for thought

yesterday, i had a footspa and then a pedicure. how often do i get my feet pampered? every two weeks which is actually the advisable time span before you have your foot scrubbed like hell again and massaged like crazy AGAIN. i wish i could have it everyday but i can't. they say people love to have foot massages especially when they're overweight. well, i may be that but i've had this fascination with my feet ever since i can remember so that doesn't qualify, in my opinion. i love it when someone else is rubbing my feet... pinching my toes... applying scented oil on it and having my ingrown nail removed. ooohhhh, the pain... the pain... bwahaha! am i a masochist? i know i am the opposite.

here's to illustrate my love for my feet...

hubby: if we're going to UP to jog, better get ready.
me (my eyes glued to the computer monitor): hmmm... don't you think it's kinda dark outside? is it going to rain?
hubby: no. don't you want to go to UP? it's getting late.
me (the one who wanted to go to UP and suggested/ insisted, rather that we go to UP): i think it's going to rain.

then the sun came out of the clouds...

me: tinatamad ako...
hubby: aren't you at least going to hear mass?
me (eyes still glued to the computer): tinatamad ako...
hubby: hmm. tinatamad ka ba o masisira lang ang pedicure mo? ano ba pinagawa mo?
me: footspa and pedicure
hubby: ok

end of discussion...

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