Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zoie's Boyfriends

i remember the first time i've ever been majorly bitten by the love bug was when i was already in college. in high school, there were minor bites but hey, I'd be too abnormal if i didn't have crushes then. but my story is MY story. my daughter who will turn 3 next month is another story. is it possible to be bitten by the love bug at 3? when i enrolled her last summer in a pre-preschool summer class, she had a chance to meet other kids her age or rather, almost as old as she is. Zoie was the youngest in the class. she became close to 2 little boys there. one was Zen and the other was Mat. Mat gives her flowers ("gives" because until now the boy's been pretty consistent). Zen called her up at home ("called" because i don't know if he still does). Zen withdrew from their Nursery class a few months ago but Zoie now has another special friend named Drei.

An incident at school...

(characters: me, my mom, calet, mamat, mat's ate and zoie)

me: ma, we'll drop off zoie then we'll head off to the mall for a massage

lola: okay

me: uy, si mamat pala yan. kailan ka umuwi galing singapore?

mamat: namili kami dun ng wallet...

mat's ate: girlfriend niya raw si zoie. tinanong ng teacher yun ang sagot.
di ba mat?
me: girlfriend? akala ko bestfriend.

lola: mat, sino girlfriend mo? si zoie ba?
mamat (hiding face but nodding)

me (talking to zoie): boyfriend mo ba si mamat?
zoie (deadma)
calet (laughing)

at home...

zoie standing on the bed

me: baby, sino boyfriend mo?

zoie (smiling and jumping)

me: si mamat ba

zoie: um-um

me: bakit hindi si drei?

zoie: kasseee... hold niya hands ko

me (ngarag)

last night...

calet: te, si zoie binibigyan pareho nina mamat at drei ng flowers

me: what? dalawa na sila?

calet: kakatawa nga kasi gusto ni mamat hold muna sila hands bago bigay flowers. inagaw ni zoie. sabi ni zoie, "akin yan"

me: demanding pa

so there...

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