Thursday, September 18, 2008

horrible horrible news

i saw our messenger standing outside the gate looking out on the street when hubby dropped me off at work. what he told me gave me goosebumps. our office is located at a residential area in Palanan so when i go to work i actually look like going home from work. our building looks like a house outside but it is actually a production house. this was kuya piony's news to me. a woman gave birth under the acacia tree at the wee hours of the morning. about 2 or 3 am daw siguro. and she left her baby there to die. sinuksok sa imburnal yung bata pero nasabit ang paa. nakalublob na ang face sa tubig. tahol ng tahol ang aso kaya yung mga manong sa tapat nag-investigate and found the baby. they brought the baby to the barangay hall. the baby is still alive. that's the good news. nasa hospital na daw. dami daw dugo sa may puno. sorry, graphic!

how can anyone do a monstrous thing like that? you keep the baby in your tummy for 9 months, endure the labor pains, choose the tree and leave the baby there. mas malala pa sa hayop. our dogs look for nice, warm and safe places to give birth in. our cats invade our cabinets. i am so outraged. brings me back to news reports where babies are found in trash cans and even duffel bags either alive or dead, it didn't matter to those heartless mother-effers.

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