Monday, October 27, 2008

Zoie's UN Day Celebration

The kids arrived at school in different costumes. Two kids represent a country and my daughter's country was France. All kids brought food representing their country.
Zoie came as a mime artist from France. I would have made her face whiter if she had permitted it.
The kids had their usual set of activities and I'm quite surprised that Zoie already knows the meaning of "agenda".
Little Zoie is keeping up.
They had a Japanese teacher, Teacher Yoko (I'm not sure if this is her name really) who taught them origami and how to use the chopsticks.
The buffet consisted of food representing different countries.
My little mime artist had fun at the monkey bars after snack time.
The kids watched some videos.
Group picture. Too bad Drei didn't make it.
Finally, it's goodbye time. I can't wait for tomorrow. It's their Ambition Day and Zoie's coming as a ballet dancer. I wanted her to come dressed as a photographer but she'd rather be a dancer. She told me so.

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