Friday, October 24, 2008

mini me... only worse

last night, i bought face paint for zoie. she's going to be my little mime artist later because she's representing France. i bought 3 loaves of french bread at French Baker and had 1 loaf sliced. she was excited with the face paint. i couldn't find an all white palette so i settled for the 4 color makeup. i told her not to touch the white paint. she nodded. i was on the phone talking to my mom and she was looking at me. then i saw her trace her fingers on the other colors then trailed it across the white paint! i was indignant. i asked her why she broke her promise. my mom was laughing at the other end of the line. zoie looked at me defiantly and moved her arms on the sofa and the makeup cover fell on the floor. i asked her to pick it up. she refused. i was staring at a miniature of myself... na mas malala. ever heard of the saying that your child reflects you... only worse. i looked at her angrily. she tried to stare me down then broke into sobs... ran to my cousin, hugged her and told her to pick up the makeup cover. nang-utos pa. i asked calet not to hug her, aabuso. then her tatay went out of the room because he heard her crying ang picked her up. aba, i was the enemy. the three of them against me. but then she went out of the room again and i went to get her and said i was sorry. i know that was wrong but i couldn't just stand her and break her little heart. the ending? calet got the makeup cover, zoie refused to go to the room because she was "nood pa ako" ng TV, i read my book and hubby watched his favorite TV series on the ipod because no one can touch the TV but zoie.

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