Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 11: Zoie's birthday

After the party and with my body choosing October 10 to be the first day of my period despite all the things I had to do, I was exhausted, leaving me no plans on the official birth date of my daughter. I wearily told hubby that we'll just eat dinner at Savory. My mother-in-law called and said that we should stop by first at Toy Kingdom and let Zoie choose her birthday gift. At 2 pm, we went out to pick hubby's mom and sis at their house. We went first to Megamall and Zoie fell in love with a huge dollhouse (that also has a huge tag price). My MIL bought it for her and Zoie was ecstatic.

We went down to play at World of Fun and then transferred to the SM beside Tiendesitas to eat at Savory. We ate Savory Chicken, Savory fried rice, kangkong with Chinese bagoong, Long Life pansit canton, some drinks and a round of desserts of buko pandan and coffee jelly with cream. At Tiendesitas, we had a shirt customized for hubby at Tshirt Project and we bought basketball shorts and sandals for me.

Zoie couldn't wait to get home. She fell asleep in the car but when I whispered "doll house" she woke up. She even drank dede for a while but warned me not to pack away her toys then went back to play.

Today, we brought her to my in laws and as expected, she asked us to bring that big doll house with us. I will post pictures soon.

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