Sunday, October 12, 2008

Zoie's 3rd Birthday

Whew. Look at how busy I am. The last post was dated last week. Starting October 1, I've been out of the office on shoots. The shoot frenzy lasted until the 8th giving me no time to prepare for my daughter's birthday. We finished the shoot early last Sunday, October 5, so i got to sneak in a little time to buy her a birthday dress. My friend delivered to me the giveaways and piñata at 11pm the night prior to the party. I was very thankful because I was supposed to pick up the backpacks from her store that weekend but I had shoots scheduled Saturday and Sunday.

The day of her party, I was on leave at the office. There were a million things on my mind but all project-related things I set aside to be able to prepare for the party. I went home at 2 am but woke up early to go to the market to buy chicken and ground meat for the spaghetti. There weren't a lot of choices at the market compared to a supermarket so I had to make do. I rented a tricycle so i can pick up the balloons. To my horror, the old woman there said that I never ordered any so I made her look for their copy of my receipt. I ordered the balloons end of September. They delivered to me after an hour. One balloon got busted and another one reduced to half its original size. The Barney design looked like a lizard. Oh well...

I cooked the spaghetti. I never realized how hard it is to cook for more than 20 people. I asked Calet to borrow bigger pots and pans from the neighbors. Somehow, I managed to cook the spaghetti. marinate the chicken and make the batter. Hubby was texting me that it was time to pick up the cake. So I took a bath and went to Market! Market! where hubby was supposed to pick me up.

The cake supplier lived in QC so we spent some time stuck in traffic and afraid that the rain will flood the area. After picking up the cake, we went to the mall again to buy a few more things. Would you believe I forgot to buy napkins, spoons and forks and had to drop by the village talipapa to buy them.

We arrived at school 30 minutes late and everybody was there already. Zoie's teacher served as the host and the party turned out fun. There were games and Zoie enjoyed giving out prizes. The cake was okay except for the fact that I broke Barney's leg. It was raining but no one seemed to have trouble with the piñata. We had cake, ice cream, ham and cheese roll (thanks Sam!), spaghetti and fried chicken. The giveaways were backpacks for all the kids with Barney stickers and school supplies inside. I bought toys for the game prizes and Zoie's Barney piñata was full with toys and candies.

I think Zoie enjoyed her party a lot. She was singing happy birthday to herself all the way home. I blamed myself for not having enough time to prepare for the party but no one seemed to believe that it was totally unprepared.

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