Thursday, October 16, 2008

wag ka palo, bad yan!

it's amazing how much we learn from our kids. i feel that the kids nowadays are more mature and more intelligent than we were before. aminin!

yesterday, the culmination of my almost month-long project has come to an end. yesterday was Global Handwashing Day. the weeks of shoots, editing and stress... it's over. so, i eagerly went home to see Zoie and finally lie down in bed at a respectable time of night. when i entered the room (thankfully the aircon was turned on already) my mag-ama was naghaharutan. i made them come down from the bed so i can straighten the bedsheet. my back becomes itchy on an unmade bed. after straightening the bed out, adrian dived and ayun, sira ulit. i was so pissed off. my voice was loud and i slapped adrian on the arm and this set him off also. Zoie watched in horror and said "Wag ka palo! Wag ka palo, Tatay! Wag ka palo! Bad yan." Honestly, i didn't quite know what to do but my head was swimming and i wanted to lie down and everyone's in the way. I said sorry to zoie but not to adrian. I asked him to put the rubber bands on the canister with the other rubber bands but he threw them on the floor. I hated that. is it so bad if i can't sleep with toys all over the floor, a cabinet or a door open, a closet open, the windows are open, the bed sheet is rumpled and small things like rubber bands are all over the place? i can't even sleep with books under the bed. zoie was rubbing her eyes and wanted to cry but adrian and i kissed her and she asked for dede. after that, as soon as my head hit the pillow, nothing mattered. i fell into a deep sleep.

side kwento. last night while eating dinner.

Calet: baby, nasan si ate tisay (maid from the 5th floor)?
Zoie: Olongapo
Calet: eh si... (some playmate)
Zoie: Pangasinan

i was really surprised as these words rolled out from Zoie's mouth and it's not even bulol!

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