Saturday, December 13, 2008

zoie ballet philippines experience at CCP

last saturday, zoie and i went to CCP to watch Ballet Philippines perform. adrian couldn't take us so we rode the jeep and the LRT. i promised zoie that we'll ride the train. i wanted us to take a cab but the traffic was impossible plus i already made a promise to zoie. it took us an hour and a half to get there. i was so tired by the time we got to the theater because in places that seemed dirty for zoie i had to carry her. oh where did she get that kaartehan talaga! we got to our box in the nick of time. the national anthem just finished playing and the orchestra was about to begin their first music. i observed zoie while she watched Coppelia. Ballet Philippines dancers are indeed brilliant. there were moments that the dance made us laugh and zoie was clapping along with the people after every wonderful performance. Coppelia was actually a love story. it was really funny how the male character fell in love with a doll and that became an obstacle to their relationship. zoie wanted a better seat so she transferred to my lap. she never slept during the performance or made a noise. we had to go out though because she needed to go to the bathroom even though she was wearing diapers. there were a lot of people in the theater and also i was surprised to find a lot of kids watching the show. i assumed that most of them were taking ballet lessons because i saw some still wearing tights. zoie was moving her hands and legs in time with the music. i did make her dede though because she whispered, "hungry na ako" during one of the 15 minute breaks. after the show, she couldn't stop mentioning the "ballet dancers" that she saw. we again rode the LRT and the MRT because i asked adrian to pick us up in Makati. a lady gave zoie a toy in the MRT. my daughter always gets freebies from people. in birthday parties, she always has a prize even if she lost the game. we had Dairy Queen blizzard at Glorietta before we asked her tatay to come pick us up. in the car, she copied a dance step from the show and at home, she jumped like the dancers. we were laughing while she showed us her "moves" and looked as though she has already decided that she wants to be a ballet dancer when she grows up. she'll be taking up ballet lessons this summer. zoie didn't want to remove her dress. i had to force her to change to pajamas.

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