Monday, December 15, 2008

of snow globes and dresses

zoie and aunty kris

i never realized how much that snow globe meant to zoie until we got home without buying it.

Barbie's Christmas Carol is about a performer who was so full of herself. it took 3 fairies of Christmas past, present and future plus the ghost of her aunt to convince and make her realize what Christmas is all about. Barbie tells this story to her sister and gives her a snow globe (with the fairies in it) which turns out to be the same snow globe in her story.

for days, i have been searching for a nice snow globe. yesterday, we went to MOA to celebrate my SIL's birthday. we walked around the mall and we went inside the department store so i can buy zoie a party dress. all the way to the mall from the parking area, she was already asking me to get her a snow globe and that's so hard to find. anyways, we did find a snow globe and it was quite expensive. it was as big as the one in the Barbie movie. it also plays christmas carols and it had a santa inside it. there were cheap ones but it didn't play a song. i wanted to get her the small one... the affordable one but she wouldn't budge. she wanted the santa snow globe. i left adrian and zoie at a corner seat while she hugged the snow globe close to her. there were a lot of people in the mall. i went to look for a dress since zoie declared that "ayaw ko pants. gusto dress." i brought her 4 dresses, 2 were quite small (who am i kidding?) and one for 4 years old and another for 6 years old. i made her wear the size 6 dress. it fit her! it was a little long but the length was okay. it fit her body. it had puffed sleeves. and she didn't want to remove the dress. i had to force her out of it telling her all the time i had to pay for the dress first. she was crying. adrian took this opportunity to take back the snow globe. after paying for the dress, she wore it and she didn't care if she was wearing Dora rubber shoes. she was so happy with the dress saying all the time that she's a princess that i thought she forgot about the snow globe until such time in front of the carousel she started rummaging through our things looking for it. hay naku talaga! until last night she was crying. later i will be going to the mall to look for a snow globe that plays music. never mind the price. if it will make zoie happy, i'll get it. my mom said that i shouldn't spoil her. but she's only 3. maybe if she's 7 and she's forcing me to buy her stuff, maybe that's the time i'll tell her to stop. zoie is still a baby... our baby.

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