Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Dress

let me tell you about the dress...

when i was single, i used to condemn parents who dress their kids in color combination that i cannot even begin to describe or let kids wear shoes that are not even suited for the type of clothes the kid is wearing. well, maybe parents of babies are guilty of this but parents of toddlers... i apologize for the thought. Zoie is very color coordinated most of the time. she chooses her own clothes but not wear she's going to wear it. she has this favorite dress - the ice cream dress - which we try to hide from her most of the time because if permitted, she would have worn it every single day. every little girl at some point (unless traumatized) feels that she is Barbie or a Disney Princess. in Zoie's case, she is both. wherever she goes, she has to wear a DRESS. even an out of town trip on a whim, at an early hour in the morning, we argue on what she's going to wear. it has to be a dress. so off we went to Tagaytay with her wearing a dress. to save her bambam from freezing over, i had to make her wear shorts underneath. last night, i found her christening dress and since it was only tied at the back with ribbons, i was able to force it over zoie's tall and slim body. again, she danced. Mama! Princess! sometimes, she's butterfly fairy when she's wearing the butterfly wings that we have at home. she hums a tune she learned from Barbie's 12 Dancing Princesses. what a girly girl my daughter has become.

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