Friday, December 19, 2008

i wish zoie will get better soon

i am so worried. i can't think straight. zoie is not feeling well. she had high fever for 3 days and was diagnosed with UTI and an ear infection. these are the 3 letters that really freak me out. i guess i should be thankful that it's not dengue. but she lost weight and she lost all her energy. i hate to see her looking so weak and helpless. i am helpless when she complains that her tummy is aching. we took her to the doctor last wednesday and she had cbc. my daughter was very brave. not a tear was shed during the blood extraction. she also had her urinalysis. i never thought it'll occur again... this UTI. now that she hardly wears diapers... now she's on antibiotics and it'll be a few days before we learn what kind of bacteria is present in her wiwi.

i will be letting her attend her first christmas party later though but they can't attend my office party.

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cheryll said...

hi thea! hope zoie gets well soon.