Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Zoie's Mr. Banana Bird

my addiction to facebook and all the changes in our lives as a family - a school girl, new yaya etc. - i blame these for the neglect in updating my blog. let me start with the most recent. meaning: last night. i went home late because i searched the mall for a puppet bird that Zoie can use for her presentation on Friday. Nada! Zilch! after wandering about i decided to challenge my creative juices. i bought materials and with images of birds in my head, i went home with high hopes that Zoie and I will be able to make the perfect puppet bird for English Week presentation. And here it is...

Okay, there are still parts of Mr. Banana Bird which looked like he's a dressed chicken. Blame this on my lack of experience in estimating art material - i have extra foam and no more feathers!

It is now that I really am enjoying bonding with Zoie. She expresses her opinion openly and it made my heart swell when she really liked Mr. Banana Bird. Oh, she was the one who named him that.

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