Monday, May 25, 2009

my schoolgirl

when i saw the date when i last blogged, i said, wow, it's been that long? i never realized how hooked i was on facebook. everyday i'd check out my friends' status, play games, care for my virtual pet and work on my virtual farm. if facebook was real life, i'd be filthy rich. of course i've been busy with my projects and some things that i can never blog about. anyways, today i enrolled zoie to her first big school. i've been searching for months (er, 2 months) for a good school for her. the teacher at her toddler school told me that my child really needs to move up. she's great in class but she cannot allow me to enroll her again at her school. i asked why she let the other kids re-enroll but then she said it was because my child was ready for bigger things. well, that made my heart soar and my head ache. so, i went in search for that good school. i first considered a montessori but it was too far albeit the fact that it was near my in-laws' house. i can't cause my child any more stress than the fact that my husband and i work like a horse. the haven montessori was okay and they were willing to give kinder education to my child but then i found out that there wouldn't be much interaction because their teaching method was like a tutorial. then i went to AA Learning Center at Bayani Road. the tuition was hmmm okay we can afford it but it's a bit high. problem with the school is the location. only a few jeep pass by. the taxis are always occupied and i'm not too keen about school service vehicles who cram kids like sardines. then i went to Learning Haven. i must admit that i was kind of disappointed. for the tuition that they're asking, the place kinda looked like a fly by night business. maybe the teaching there is great but the place doesn't look like a school at all. but before i went to learning haven, i tried to see if i could get zoie into the newly opened preschool inside our community only to find out that it was full and even if it wasn't it was for less-fortunate kids. so i was kind of embarrassed when i went to inquire because the teacher looked at me as though i was trying to get free education for my kid.

oh i missed FAB Learning Center where the tuition was really affordable and teacher yvette is an ideal teacher to entrust your kid to. when i looked across the street after visiting learning haven, i saw this big school, st. ignatius of loyola whose preschool counterpart is fairyland. the rooms are okay. i talked to a teacher. she seemed very nice. the rooms are airconditioned. the tuition is more than 50% lower than AA and Learning Haven but the kids are twice the size of how many the other two schools are accepting. my hubby was very excited that he took zoie to do a test that very afternoon. the result said that zoie could have been kinder only that her writing is weak. but there is a silver lining on the cloud. they accelerate kids. they said that she's great and very knowledgeable but she's only three. again, heart soar, head ache.

but today i went with zoie and my mom to fairyland and paid a whole year of tuition as i keep my fingers crossed praying that zoie will get a good education there. i was amazed at how many books i was asked to buy. they have to have the same bag. darn! and zoie's mom is a bag fanatic. i guess i'll just buy a great looking baunan. oh wait, they will have the same snacks. grrr!

it was a different experience to line up there and enroll your kid. i felt very adult and a bit sad that my baby was growing too fast. the regular uniform there doesn't even fit her. i need to order a different size. the skirt was either too small or too big. i love their green uniform and the fact that she has a small PE uniform. zoie will really start her formal schooling.

when we went out the building, a tricycle driver offered his services. ayan, i've no problem na. she now has a school service.

super excited mom here. can't wait to buy the rest of her things but i was told she'll get the list on the first day of school.

did i mention that the location of the school was great? there is a police precinct nearby.

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