Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Little Adult

I don't know why every single time I try to post something new in this blog, I get writer's block. Maybe it's because I'm getting confused on what to write about Zoie. There's just so much I want to write about.

I had a chance to be a full time mom last weekend. Calet went home to the province for the undas and I'm left to take care of my mag-ama. I made a pretty good start by making pancakes for them. Or rather, I mixed the batter and hubby cooked it perfectly. I tend to murder the pancakes and Zoie might end up with memories of her mom's mangled pancakes.

I never realized how much my baby has grown and how she can now keep up with a flowing conversation. She's now a little chatterbox. When she's not talking to me, she's talking to her toys. She only stops talking when hooked on an ipod or when asleep.

We went to Zambales that weekend and I stayed mostly inside the room at the second floor. Zoie wanted to go downstairs. We ate breakfast. Because of the heat and the food, there were flies everywhere. Zoie was grumbling and pointing at the stairs. She pulled at my hand.

Me: Baby, you said you wanted to stay here and now that we're here, why do you want to go up?
Zoie grumbling: Punta na taas.
Zoie looked uncomfortable but didn't want to say why. Suddenly...
Zoie: taas na tayo. ang daming langaw eh.

The caretakers and my MIL heard what she said. Haay, how can Zoie be so maarte? You cannot even make her step on the sand or soil. She came running back to me with that "ewe!" expression when she felt that the soil in the garden was a little soft. She ate ice buko at the cemetery and saw the coconut on the ice drop (maybe she thought they looked like worms), felt the sticky melted ice cream on her fingers and quickly handed it over to me saying, "wipes! wipes! (for the baby wipes)" Is this kind of attitude hereditary? People say she got that kaartehan from me. Me?!

This is a weird thing to say but I really appreciate how Calet takes care of Zoie. She is quite a handful. Sometimes she acts like a little adult. I heard feedback from the school that Zoie is always there to help her classmates.

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